Intuitive Sessions with Nicole Majik

Whether you are looking for clarity around Business, Love/Relationships or Money/Finance, I am here to help you obtain the information you seek to carry out the actions to fulfill your desires.

Let me tell you a little about my metaphysical background before you book your session...

I have had psychic/medium abilities all of my life.  I have always had the ability to see auras and energy as well as see/sense/hear spirits. I often find that spirits come to me in their transition for crossing over and sometimes give me messages to pass on to the loved ones at the moment of their exit from this dimension. I have been brought in on countless paranormal investigations as a medium to connect with the energies/spirits of all kinds of places over the last 30 years and people who know me and my style often call me their angel. 

I have many profound tales in which I had a knowing of and was able to avoid/stop a tragic incident from occurring. 

One example was in a reading I did for a client.  I could see an area around the bulkhead of his home.  I saw an electrical issue and said it needed to be taken care of immediately or there would be a fire.  He had it checked and the electrician was baffled as to HOW he knew about the issue.  It wasn't exposed or anything that could have easily been identified, yet he confirmed that if unattended it would have caused a fire in the near future. 

For your reading you have some choices to tailor your experience to your liking. 

Cards, Aura, straight intuition for both personal and business related inquiries.

When I read with cards I use 2 different full decks and I have a spread that is my own that I read for you on both the conscious and subconscious levels of what you are going through.  I cycle through several layers using this spread to give you deeper levels insight with each iteration.

You can also choose a combination session.  For that I would focus on your question(s) and utilize whatever tools or insights I am guided to use for each of your questions.  I could be looking into your aura for one answer and use cards for another. 

Each experience is unique no matter which type of reading you choose.  If you aren't sure which to choose, then you can either set up an "Is This Right For Me" call and we can figure it out, or just book your session and choose "Combination Session" and we can determine what is best on the call.

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