Majikal Manifestation Bundle Pack

Welcome to a new life filled with excitement, positivity, clarity, and focus...a new reality that you will create filled with happiness, joy, and success. You CAN have it all. The big question is what do you WANT and what are you willing to commit to get it? You will find what you need in this bundle to get clear and take action while staying the course in a motivated fashion. What are you waiting for? Let’s get started!

Everything you need to create the life you’ve always wanted and more! Use the tools and resources in this bundle pack to gain insight, clarity, and focus on what you really want. This package has everything you need to map out your course of action and manifest all that you desire. It also contains tools to keep you motivated, calm, focused and combat any sense of feeling lost, alone, and overwhelmed. You feel like you’ve tried everything before...but you’ve only tried pieces. It’s time to pull it all together and be the creator of your quantum shift!

Here's what you get:

  • Manifestation Guided Meditation - amplify your attracting power and align yourself with your truth, passion and purpose in 10 minutes a day.  This Manifestation Meditation will bring you through the steps to attract what you desire.
  • Majikal Manifestation Script - this script will train your subconscious to magnetize and manifest your every desire…like Majik.
  • Majik Goal Setting Journal - create clarity and focus for short, mid, and long-term goals. Planning gives you a clear direction to take defined action to reach your goals.
  • The Miracle Question Worksheet - a powerful exercise that connects you with your true desires by bringing in the visual and emotional aspects to best align with and magnetize them.
  • Visualization for Manifestation - Visualization is an important technique to help you achieve your goals and desires. Follow these simple steps to achieve effective visualization. 
  • Taking Charge of Your Life - Are you a people-pleaser that tries to make everyone else happy instead of focusing on your own needs?  Learn the Simple Rules to Turning Obstacles into Opportunities
  • 168 Graphics to Use and Share:  12 Printable Cards, 105 Affirmations & 50 Motivational Quotes and 1 Etheric Hug to keep you inspired, motivated and empowered.  These graphics are ready to share on social media to keep you and those around you uplifted!
  • Manifestation Demystified:  Learn the secrets that have been kept secret about manifestation.  This is the training that pulls ALL ELEMENTS of manifestation together so you know the true formula to creating the life you desire and can achieve it - FINALLY!
  • Free for Life digital updates! You will have immediate access to all digital updates and upgrades added to this bundle.  That means the earlier you purchase this bundle, the more you get for less!  

A Complete DIY Package for Manifesting Your Desires

This bundle is packed with everything to support the manifestation of your desires with meditation, affirmations, tools, and resources as well as beautiful social media posts to share, engage your network and support you in your transformation process.

4 Modules

Manifestation Meditation-Achieve Your Desires

You Are Capable of Amazing Things

The ability to manifest lies within each one of us.  Use this meditation daily to amplify your attracting power and align yourself with the loving energies of the Universe so that you manifest the changes you desire.  

Modules for this product 4
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